Wainwright Encore
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Wainwright Encore Entertainment Society Presents

Our 2018-2019 Season

                  SIX MINUTE WARNING


DONNY LEE                                                                         February 8th and 9th

 Donny Lee has been sharpening his stage show at Nashville’s Honky Tonk Central and Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge.  Donny Lee hosts a fun and lively shoot-from-the-hip performance selected from his repertoire of over 400 country music songs.

6 GUITARS starring CHASE PADGETT                 March 15th  and 16th

 6 Guitars is a pitch blend of music, comedy and characters. A single performer portrays 6 different guitar-playing characters each sharing their own style of music. Audiences are treated to great songs from each genre that showcase breathtaking musicianship. This sonic feat is done not merely with just one performer but just one guitar as well.  Each character, from the young rock prodigy to the weary blues picker, shares hilarious anecdotes that only a life playing music can give.